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KNOWLEDGE: Advanced digital imaging knowledge and experience separate me from the rest. I am proficient in all types of photographic systems and lighting techniques. Whether it be, in studio, on location, or outdoors. This means I will properly light any scene, getting the best image quality and the impacting visual appeal my clients are looking for...


EXPERIENCE: Being a full-time, professional photographer since 2006 I have many years experience in all fields of photography: Commercial, Advertising, Architecture, Food, Fashion, Weddings, Products, Corporate, Portrait and more...


PRODUCTION: I can easily manage and produce shoots ranging anywhere from simple head-shots to world-wide advertising campaigns. Also, I have the ability to organize and prepare all the locations, crew, talent and help needed.


CREW | TALENT: Throughout my many years in the industry; I have built relationships with numerous models, hair stylists, makeup artists, agencies and any additional crew needed for any and every type of production.


POST-PRODUCTION: I have extensive experience retouching photos in Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Lightroom. Giving me a full digital workflow, enabling me to deliver the quality and efficiency my clients expect.


AVAILABILITY: I am available for photography full-time, anywhere in the world!


SAVINGS: I pride myself in delivering the highest quality work at a reasonable price! Plus, No hidden fees, saving you hundreds, even thousands of dollars on your next ad campaign, fashion editorial, products shoot and more.


PRICING: 1Shot Photography’s prices have been developed based on a variety of factors. We have a set price on our invoice for miscellaneous expenses. This is done for several reasons:

1. Every shoot is unique, and requires its own preparation, location scouting, and post-production.

2. We always keep extra memory cards, batteries, lenses, lights, etc. to meet any last-minute or unusual requests. Also we sometimes discard supplies which do not meet our technical expectations, or have been through several assignments. This cost must be split across our daily cost of doing business.

3. Time is taken to investigate new medias, test equipment before using them on shoots, go to the various suppliers we use, and to maintain the stocks necessary. The cost for this time, must also be spread across our daily cost of doing business. 


INVOICE | RECEIPT POLICY: We do NOT supply our clients with receipts for any of the listed expenses/costs of doing business, for several reasons.

1Shot Photography and all teams/crew commissioned are considered independent contractors, not employees. When tax season comes, the IRS requires 1Shot Photography to provide receipts to verify all of our expenses. However, the IRS does NOT require (you) the client/company commissioning 1Shot Photography to have those receipts on hand. Also, it is critical to the success of 1Shot Photography to maintain a proprietary suppliers network; making it extremely important to 1Shot Photography that our competitors not learn who our suppliers are.


CONTACT: Please feel free to contact us at any time for an estimate specific to your needs, and/or discuss with us any questions you may have about our Invoice/Receipt Policy. Also, please include a short description of the subject(s) being photographed, the intended use of the final images, estimated shoot date, and any ideas you may have in-mind for this assignment.


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